Thursday, June 25, 2015

A personal appeal from Kazz

Hello, my name is Kazz.  A few short days ago, I was taking a stroll through the farm with a few of my disabled veteran friends.  It was a warm, sunny day; I recall that we were discussing ways to build a better future for mankind.  Suddenly, I was waylaid by government thugs or somebody and forced to fight for my life.

As I hide, stomach growling, sun beating down, killers and a dog at every turn, I am realizing: this is my opportunity to make a difference.  I can start right now, and you can too.

The primary goals of the K Foundation are as follows:
  • Create a healthy environment for each and every citizen of the death woods.
  • Ensure that as many participants as possible are allowed to "win" and escape the arena.
  • Put a stop to the Brontogames for good.
There is just one tool that is capable of building this sustainable world, and that is grenades.  Without high explosives, it will be difficult to make any headway in the peace process, and many lives may be senselessly lost.

With your help, I estimate that 50% of us have a 70-10% chance of surviving.  So please, donate now.  The future of our world depends on it.

Here's How!

Simply CLICK ON THIS LINK and paste the following text:

[b]I am sending explosives to Kazz.[/b]

and hit "Submit."  That's it.  If you do your part for humanity, then I can do mine.

Thank you.

- Kazz Q. Tawdal

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